Visiting Lightning Ridge, it is easy to see why it is a mecca for artists. It is one of those places. From traditional indigenous art, through to contemporary and onto the vibrant artwork that conveys the outback and its characters; there is something for everyone at the Ridge.

With each and every artists, there is a distinct connection to the land and the region of Lightning Ridge. There is no better place to experience unique outback artistry at its best.

John Murray's Art Gallery


Phone: 02 6829 1130 Website - 8 Opal Street, Lightning Ridge

Situated in the main street, John Murray Art Gallery is full of the vibrant paintings that have made John Murray one of Australia's leading outback artists.

Entry is free; the gallery is full of large and small original paintings and hosts a wide range of reproductions, posters, cards and art souvenirs. Visitors can enjoy the artworks in the relaxed and friendly atmosphere, as well as hearing first hand some of John's inspiration on the in house DVD.

Opening Hours: Weekdays 9am - 5pm, Saturday 9am -2pm, Sunday 9am - 2pm


The Gallery


Phone: 0409 058 931 - 51 Pandora Street, Lightning Ridge

Situated on Bore Baths Road next to the Library. Displaying and selling a large range of locally made Arts, Crafts, Pottery & memorabilia.


  • Concerts
  • Varied workshops
  • Dance Classes & Free Artist's Exhibitions.

Opening hours: Every afternoon 7 days from March to December.

Free Addmission




The Ridge ArtSpace


Phone: 02 6829 0066 Website - Onyx Street, Lightning Ridge

Providing professional gallery space for visual artists. Self run exhibitions for established and emerging artists.