Lightning Ridge Festivals

Speak to any fellow traveller on 'things not to miss' in the outback and chances are they will mention one of the great festivals the Lightning Ridge hosts every year.

Probably the most famous, and one that draws travellers from all over Australia, is the Easter Festival with its unique activities and competitions. Another for the diary is the Opal Festival when the town gets to showcase all things black opal. The art lover is also well catered for with the Artober art festival.

Visitor to Lightning Ridge often comment that whether it is they 1st time or their 100th time to the Ridge, they are always treated is if they were locals. It is such a welcoming place to visit and that endearing hospitality extends to accommodation, restaurants, or local shops. Staying 5 star or camping under a million stars, it makes little difference to the locals as the main thing they worry about is if you are enjoying your stay.

All across this country, people will mention certain 'not to miss event' or 'unique outback experience'; but the one that is on more 'To Do' lists, is the legendary Lightning Ridge Easter Festival. The Easter Festival showcases all the Ridge has to...

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The Lightning Ridge Opal festival is a four day event held over the last week in July and includes the Opal Queen Ball, Opal & Gem Festival, IOJDAA Trade Show and Jewellery Competition (biennial - 2015). Attracting over 4,000 visitors to...

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Every October, we celebrate our rich art community and create a map to take you on a self-guided tour of the exciting local artwork in town and on the opal fields. Artober is brought to you by the Lightning Ridge Tourism Association and the artists...

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