Australian Opals

Lightning Ridge Black Opal

Opal, just the name conjures up images of the unique, colourful precious gem that is full of mystery that has through the ages been integral to many civilisations; the Opal has a strong link to Roman history and closer to home it has been referenced many times in the Dreamtime of Indigenous Australia.

While Opal is found in many parts of the world, Australia produces around 90% of the world’s Opal and lightning Ridge is home to the very special and unique darker variety known as the Black Opal.

Understanding Opals

The beauty of an opal is unique which is is not only derived from its ‘play of light’ characteristics that displays spectral colours like no other gem stone. Similarly, the characteristics in classifying the quality of an opal is equally...

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Opal Mining & Processing

Back when the first commercial opal mines were dug, the operation was extremely simple whereby the miner would dig a vertical shaft down until it reached the ‘opal dirt’, and at that level, horizontal shafts were dug. The...

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Opal History

The name opal, in its modern form, is derived from the the 16th century word ‘opale’ (or oplaus in Latin) and is believed to be based on the Sanskrit upala which means 'precious stone'. Going further back, many believe its origin is from...

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About Black Opals

Opal contains every colour of the spectrum, from deepest and clearest blues and iridescent greens, through to golden orange, red and fuchsia; it can be pale and delicate, or dark and brilliant. Due to its structure, opal may contain any combination...

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Buying Black Opal

Lightning Ridge is home to the elusive and stunningly beautiful Black Opal and there is no better place to purchase your very own national gemstone. Lightning Ridge has a large variety of businesses catering for those who want to purchase...

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