Things to See and Do in Lightning Ridge

The Ridge will welcome you with classic country hospitality but it will certainly not be 'more of the same'. They are a unique bunch of characters out there that prides themselves on a wonderful and heartfelt eccentricity; it is something about the pioneering spirit.

Discovering the heart, soul and wonderful characters of this Outback icon of Australia. The Ridge will welcome you with classic country hospitality, but it will certainly not be 'more of the same'.

There is so much to see, do, and experience in Lightning Ridge and it is hard at first to choose what, where, when, and how. The best advice to go with the flow of the Ridge, take your time and soon you will release why visitors keep returning; and some end up staying.

The Grawin

If you think the Ridge is unique, head out to the Grawin; the opal fields where it all began. Full of unique welcoming characters, a landscape that often resembles a moonscape, a few places to wet the whistle along the way, and even a place to swing...

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Ridge Attractions

The Black Opal is reason enough for visiting the Ridge, but it does not end there... there are attractions aplenty from Outback theatre, underground sculptures, bore baths, galleries, jewellers and unique people (just to name a few). Take a...

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Artists & Galleries

Visiting Lightning Ridge, it is easy to see why it is a mecca for artists. It is one of those places. From traditional indigenous art, through to contemporary and onto the vibrant artwork that conveys the outback and its characters; there is...

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Lightning Ridge Tours

One of the best ways to discover what makes Lighting Ridge so special is to be shown by a local and the are some great tour operators that can show you the best of what the Ridge has to offer. For those who prefer to explore the area at their own...

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Car Door Tours

The Black Opal is unique to Lightning Ridge but it is not the only unique thing… the Ridge is also famous for its Car Door Tour so be sure to drop into the Visitor Information Centre for your guide to this special experience. These...

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Outlying Attractions

While there are plenty of attractions in Lightning Ridge to enthral any visitor for several days, there is also some wonderful experiences to be had in some of the outlying areas. The nearby opal field known as the Grawin is a must see as is are the...

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