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Getting to Lightning Ridge is easy from any of the east coast capitals and is a short drive north of Walgett, and while it is not on the Darling River, it is certainly a must-see destination while travelling the Darling River Run.

If venturing (to or from) further afield, be sure to visit the Corner Country and the iconic Cameron Corner.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to CONVID-19 concerns, this year's Easter Festival has been postponed. See Here for more detail.

Travelling through this vast land, one often discovers places that envelope the soul with tangible elements; a beautiful river, majestic native forests, indigenous culture, or unspoiled pristine beaches.

Every now and again though, one can come across a place where the same feeling is experienced without any tangible elements to account for that feeling.

Lightning Ridge, home of the unique Black Opal, is one of those places!

Such is the allure of the Ridge, that many who initially planned to stay a day or so as part of a larger travel experience, end up staying a lifetime without being able to pinpoint the exact reason.

At the Ridge, one can experience underground sculptures, bottle-houses, antique lamps, castles, astronomy monuments, unique gardens, hills named 'Lunatic', 'Pig' and Bald', a pub crawl to 'The Pub in the Scrub', 'The Glengarry Hilton' and 'Sheepyard Flat', and even tour underground mines.

And how do you find all these things? Look out for a colored car door!

Make sense? ... probably not, but it will when you visit the Ridge!


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