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Getting to Lightning Ridge is easy from any of the east coast capitals and is a short drive north of Walgett, and while it is not on the Darling River, it is certainly a must-see destination while travelling the Darling River Run.

Lightning Ridge Eat & Sleep

The Ridge will welcome you with classic country hospitality but it will certainly not be 'more of the same'. They are a unique bunch of characters out there that prides themselves on a wonderful and heartfelt eccentricity; it is something about the pioneering spirit.

Visitor to Lightning Ridge often comment that whether it is they 1st time or their 100th time to the Ridge, they are always treated is if they were locals. It is such a welcoming place to visit and that endearing hospitality extends to accommodation, restaurants, or local shops. Staying 5 star or camping under a million stars, it makes little difference to the locals as the main thing they worry about is if you are enjoying your stay.

Accommodation & Dining

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