Drive to Lightning Ridge from Brisbane

The Magnificent Darling Downs provide two great routes when driving Brisbane to Lightning Ridge.

The first is via Toowoomba (The garden-city on top of the Great Dividing Range) or via Warwick and Goondiwindi.

Both provide the Outback NSW visitor with iconic towns and unique experiences.


Via Toowoomba

Driving to Lightning Ridge via Toowoomba takes the visitor the horticultural mecca of the Lockyer Valley before the climb up the Great Dividing Range to Toowoomba; a garden proud town nested at the top of our famous mountain range.

The tour then heads west through the Darling Downs and onto the iconic outback Queensland town of Dalby then along the Adventure Way to St Gorge before joining the Castlereagh Highway for the run to Lightning Ridge via Hebel on the Queensland/NSW border.

Via Warwick

Going via the southern Darling Downs takes the visitor via Warwick, located at the headwaters of the Condamine River, a town known for its grand architecture of churches, schools and its commercial district.

Heading south-west from Warwick along the Cunningham Highway (named after the famous early 1800's botanist Allan Cunningham) the route passes through the prime pastoral lands north of the NSW/Queensland border to the town of Goondiwindi.

Once across the border, and joining the Newel highway, the route passes through the cotton region of northern NSW and on to Moree, famous for its refreshing and therapeutic artesian bore baths. A great stop to replenish the energy and relieve travel weary bodies (and minds).

From Moree, Lightning Ridge is an easy 3 hour drive.

Driving to the Ridge

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